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EPC groups invest in data analytics to accelerate complex projects

Mar 31, 2017

In-house data scientists will raise productivity on U.S. petrochemicals projects in the coming years by maximizing insights from growing project datasets and multi-dimensional modelling, leading EPC executives said.

Total joins with Borealis, Nova to build Gulf Coast ethane cracker; Dow completes Freeport TX-9 unit

Mar 31, 2017

Our pick of the latest petrochemicals news you need to know.

Exxon's $20bn Gulf Coast downstream plan signals sustained export demand

Mar 17, 2017

ExxonMobil is targeting key export markets such as Asia though 11 Gulf Coast chemical manufacturing and export facilities, including back-to-back ethane cracker projects which will add to the region's surging ethylene supply.

US gas pipeline approvals stuck at 7 Bcf/yr; Annual gas output swings north

Mar 17, 2017

Our pick of the latest petrochemicals news you need to know.

US operators gain new labor analysis tool to benchmark productivity

Mar 3, 2017

Craft labor supply is under pressure from rising construction demand and a new online tool is set to simplify productivity metrics and benchmark against other projects to cut costs and spur workforce development.

Gulf coast refinery outages cut US capacity; Saudi Aramco buys 50% of Petronas complex

Mar 2, 2017

Our pick of the petrochemicals news you need to know.

Rising labor, piping prices lift US ethane cracker costs

Feb 17, 2017

Bulk material costs for Gulf Coast construction projects rose by almost 4% in 2016 as tightening global steel and U.S. labor markets continue to pressure prices, industry experts said.

US ethane cracker construction costs rise a further 1% in Q4 2016

Feb 3, 2017

Total project cost estimates for a typical 1.5 million ton-per-annum (mtpa) ethane cracker on the U.S. Gulf Coast rose by $14.2 million (0.7%) to $2.1 billion in the period September-December, according to Petrochemical Update’s U.S. Ethylene Plant...


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