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US ethylene growth spurs new plastics export routes

Apr 20, 2018

Rapidly growing U.S. ethylene production and investment in new derivative capacity has increased the number of ports exporting plastics and opened new markets for U.S. producers, ClipperData told Petrochemical Update.

INEOS to build SM plant in US Gulf Coast; More ethylene projects scheduled; China issues tariffs on chemicals

Apr 5, 2018

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Port Houston joins blockchain pilot program to digitize the supply chain

Mar 8, 2018

Port Houston is the first port to participate in a pilot program led by IBM and Danish shipper Maersk which aims to commercialize blockchain technology in the global oil, gas and petrochemical supply chain.

Frontier’s $35mn investment outside of Texas signals expanded export demand

Feb 8, 2018

U.S. plastics are largely exported through Texas, but as export capacity is rapidly growing; exporters, processors, warehouse and distribution companies are looking for ways to diversify the supply chain and mitigate risk.

Supply chain capital spending peaks as companies prepare for export tsunami

Jan 11, 2018

US supply chain groups are planning at least $155 billion in capital investments and nearly 80% of that spending will take place in the US Gulf, where chemical exports have already begun to soar, according to industry trade associations.

US Ports must become supply chain authority

Dec 15, 2017

Ports must step up to influence supply chain efficiency as the US becomes a top petrochemical exporter in the global markets, a supply chain expert told Petrochemical Update.

US ports must act as hiking exports threaten container availability

Nov 30, 2017

Availability of empty containers on the U.S. Gulf Coast is a top concern for petrochemical producers that plan to grow their exports in the next few years and the solution will involve ports, trucking and rail working together, an analyst told Petrochemical...

US Gulf develops automated systems to improve container availability

Nov 16, 2017

Growing oil and petrochemical exports from the U.S. Gulf and an intensified shortage of container availability have triggered the use of the first cohesive automated network between port, trucking and cargo shipper in Houston, executives told Petrochemical...


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