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Petrochemical owners shift from speed to cost-driven execution strategy in uncertain times

Mar 6, 2015

EPC companies in the US Gulf Coast expect a move from cost-reimbursable contracts back to lump-sum contracts as the delays in capital spending free up resources for ongoing projects

Plant modularization used to keep projects on schedule

Feb 24, 2015

A solution to the current skilled labor shortage in North American petrochemical construction projects could be a focus on plant modularization, according to industry executives.

The Future of US Ethane Crackers amidst the Oil Crisis – a 2015 outlook

Feb 20, 2015

With the introduction of ten ethane cracker projects in the US over the next 5 years, around 90% of output from these projects would need to be exported to make them commercially viable. While the cost advantage ethane crackers enjoy over naphtha may have...

The renaissance of Canada’s petrochemical industry

Feb 10, 2015

Endowed with abundant natural resources, a highly skilled workforce and a competitive tax system, Canada is making the most of North America’s petrochemical renaissance.

Aligning expectations between project owners and EPC contractors

Feb 10, 2015

Driven by low feedstock costs, the petrochemical renaissance is reshaping North America’s industrial landscape. However, the ongoing high levels of industrial activity are increasing the complexity of new projects, sometimes fuelling a sense of disconnect...

Lower oil prices help petrochemical companies improve margins

Jan 29, 2015

Although some upstream oil operators have posted results that have missed expectations, their derivative segments and other petrochemical businesses are seeing the upside of the oil price erosion.

Sasol's new ethane cracker a shining beacon of hope for US industry

Jan 29, 2015

Sasol's recent announcement to build a brand new ethane cracker has been seen as a signal that the industry is looking to the future with renewed optimism.


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