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How petrochemical investment could head East

Oct 19, 2018

The US-China trade war is expected to hit polyethylene exports to China just as new U.S. capacity is starting up. Demand in other regions will help for a while, but a big wave of new investment in the East comes by the middle of the next decade.

Shell reaches engineering milestone in Northeast

Oct 19, 2018

Shell has completed a substantial step in the construction of its Pennsylvania Petrochemicals Complex, bringing the Northeast chemicals hub dream another step closer to reality.

LNG Canada’s Steve Corbin to speak at Downstream Canada 2018

Oct 5, 2018

After several liquified natural gas (LNG) projects failed to materialize in recent years, Royal Dutch Shell is pushing forward a long-delayed $40 billion LNG export project in British Columbia, putting Canada on track to see a major construction and export...

US chemical activity, natural gas exports, and resin production surge; Total JV plans $1B TX plant expansion

Oct 5, 2018

Our pick of the latest petrochemical news you need to know

Sinopec plans to build Canadian refinery; US chem investment exceeds $200 bn; US - China trade war escalates

Sep 19, 2018

Our pick of the latest petrochemical news you need to know

Key construction tech trends the US petchem industry must not ignore

Aug 23, 2018

Technology in the Twenty-Tens decade has moved at lightning speed and moving even faster as the world gets closer to 2020. The rate of adoption and disruption has been almost too fast for the petrochemical industry, an industry immersed in traditional habits...

Canada’s cheap and abundant natural gas drives hope of petchem export, building boom

Aug 22, 2018

Canada is rich in natural gas and prices are at all-time lows, just when demand is escalating in Asia and India; pushing the export and construction potential the continent holds for the petrochemical industry closer to reality.

Rapidly growing demand pushes Americas LNG project decisions

Aug 10, 2018

Liquified natural gas (LNG) capital projects are gaining momentum in the Americas again because of both the recovery in oil prices, and increased demand from growing economies including India, China and Japan.


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