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Flood impact lessons vital for next construction wave

Sep 7, 2017

Second wave construction, engineering and planning will begin earnestly in 2017, and learnings on areas such as storage, raw materials, supply chain and safety from the challenges caused by Hurricane Harvey should spur strategic decisions, analysts told...

Growing need for chemical distributors in U.S. petchem boom

Aug 25, 2017

An immense wave of new ethane crackers, downstream manufacturing and specialty chemical production is set to come online in the coming years adding billions of tonnes of inventory to move, and producers are looking to the chemical distributor network to...

Mitsui adds plastics capacity; U.S. crude oil production to reach record high; Chemical production ticks up

Jul 26, 2017

Our pick of the latest petrochemicals news you need to know

Northeast natural gas supply ample for more petrochemical plants

Jul 13, 2017

There is enough ethane being produced in the Northeast U.S. now to provide the chemical industry sufficient feedstock without any additional drilling or exploitation, industry analysts said.

Dow and Dupont get DoJ approval, Legislation pushed for energy storage, BP completes Charleston expansion

Jun 16, 2017

Our pick of the latest petrochemicals news you need to know

Northeast storage hub approval could accelerate petrochemical growth

Jun 1, 2017

Shell’s investment in a world scale ethane cracker in Pennsylvania is paving the way for a major Appalachia petrochemical industry and a proposed underground storage system could spur additional investment in the region, analysts told Petrochemical Update.

Self-driving trucks could boost labor productivity and ease driver shortage

May 19, 2017

Autonomous technology (AT) is moving into the trucking industry and could optimize logistics while reducing driver shortage and safety risks, analysts told Petrochemical Update.

US to add 66 mtpa of LNG export capacity in first rush of projects

May 5, 2017

The U.S. will add 66.2 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) of liquefied natural gas (LNG) export capacity by 2019, by which time final investment decisions (FIDs) on a second wave of export terminals will be made, analysts told Petrochemical Update.

US gas users warn of LNG export impact as competition cuts liquefaction costs

Apr 21, 2017

A flurry of Gulf Coast LNG export facilities is set to raise U.S. domestic gas prices in the coming years and developers are optimizing liquefaction technology to capitalize on growing arbitrage opportunities between U.S. and global gas markets, analysts said.


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