Labor shortage deepens after hurricanes

Sep 22, 2017

Many refineries and petrochemical plants along the U.S. Gulf Coast did not receive significant damage from Hurricane Harvey, but thousands of homes, businesses and infrastructure were not so lucky. Capital projects and rebuilding efforts will compete for...

Advanced Work Packaging: one solution to productivity issues on mega projects

Jul 13, 2017

Labor productivity continues to be a major concern for project performance, at least 50% of industry participants said in a Petrochemical Update Poll.

Craft labor shortage seriously affecting mega projects: Poll

Jun 29, 2017

More than 80% of petrochemical players believe the current craft labor shortage is serious, according to a poll by Petrochemical Update. Improving conditions for craft professionals is one way owners and contractors are aiming to recruit and retain the best...

Industry looks for solutions to declining labor productivity and craft shortages

Jun 16, 2017

While the U.S. is preparing for 310 petrochemical projects and $185 billion in capital investment at the same time an experienced generation of workers retires, quality and productivity are becoming an even bigger challenge than the labor shortage, owners and...

Sasol ups US project cost estimate; UP, Katoen Natie start resin export service

Jun 15, 2016

Petrochemicals news you need to know.

Project owners review hiring plans to tap Gulf Coast labor pool

May 19, 2016

Investing in customized training programs for new hires and rethinking the company culture are helping petrochemical project owners in Texas and Louisiana retain valuable employees amid a shortage of qualified construction and permanent operational staff,...

Texas, Louisiana petchems hires to peak in 2016-2018

May 5, 2016

The demand for skilled labor in the Texas and Louisiana chemicals industry over the next five years may have recently hit its peak in Q1 2016, at around 82,000 workers, Brent Sexton, director Customer Relations at the Construction Labor Market Analyzer (CLMA...

Bechtel uses tech and business tools to offset impact of tight skills market

Apr 21, 2016

Business and technological innovations such as setting up specialty welding companies and a new mobile field-supervision software platform are helping Bechtel offset the impact of the tight skills market, and better train and retain its existing workforce,...

Infographic: US ethane cracker construction costs rise 1-2% year on year

Apr 7, 2016

Total construction costs for a typical 1.5 mtpa ethane cracker on the US Gulf Coast range between about $1.48 billion in a low-case scenario, $1.74 billion in a base case scenario and $2 billion in a high-case scenario, according to Petrochemical Update...