Tight margins to speed up need for digitalization after Covid-19 proved value

Jun 22, 2020

The need for savings to face shrinking margins should speed up digitalization efforts by oil and petrochemical companies after Covid-19 helped prove the value of past investment.

Canada’s petrochemical industry sees tech innovation as labor tightening looms

Aug 7, 2019

Canadian petrochemical companies are seeing technological innovations to cut emissions, increase recyclability of plastics and future benefits from developments in robotics, and artificial intelligence will increasingly find a place in an industry that is...

Process engineering teams must embrace data and technology to survive the shale renaissance

Apr 16, 2019

Understanding and managing the trade-off between processing opportunity crudes and the effects it has on asset integrity while maximizing profits is perhaps one of the biggest challenges process engineer teams face in today's market.

New report details oil and petrochemical opportunities as US becomes net exporter

Nov 30, 2018

Oil and chemical traders believe the U.S. will become a net exporter for the first time in generations, according to Petrochemical Update’s North American Downstream Market Outlook and Insights 2019.

How blockchain is revolutionizing the downstream digital supply chain

Nov 30, 2018

In the same capacity the internet changed global business, many experts believe blockchain may be on track to become the next mega disruptor to global business.

Key construction tech trends the US petchem industry must not ignore

Aug 23, 2018

Technology in the Twenty-Tens decade has moved at lightning speed and moving even faster as the world gets closer to 2020. The rate of adoption and disruption has been almost too fast for the petrochemical industry, an industry immersed in traditional habits...

Gauging industry digitization: capital projects turn to innovation, recruitment teams

Jul 12, 2018

Market surveys reveal the downstream industry lags other sectors in adopting digital technology to boost productivity, but significant capital investment is pushing innovation and changes to education faster than ever before, executives told Petrochemical...

Petrochemical firms save millions by automating maintenance files

Jan 26, 2018

Turnarounds and capital projects are more complex than ever, and incur significant financial risks, but some owners are finding multimillion-dollar savings by automating manual paper-based processes.